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About us

About us

“True love is not something that comes every day, follow your heart, it knows the right answer.”

-Said someone in love!

You can find the right cup of coffee, the right size of shoe, the right fit for the perfect outfit, and all of it online. Not very difficult, isn’t it? But what happens when we tell you that finding the right partner online is also equally possible.

Our ancestors believe that matches are made in a celestial land called heaven. Well, we don’t entirely believe that, but to bring two right individuals together does take the workings of all small and big energies of the universe. The right timing, the right environment, the right mindset, and the right matchmakers!

At Primerishta.com, we intend to be that magic-creating force that will unite you with your true love, the right partner….in short words your perfect other half!

Primerishta.com is not just another match-making website. It was started with the sole intention of cutting through a market of business-minded matchmakers and bringing back the age-old tradition of matchmaking where a community would come forward to assist two people, meant for each other, to come together and make a beautiful living with each other.

We bring you the magic of a home away from home! You may be settled in Canada or the United States, wondering how you can find your true love – the right partner! Someone who knows your culture just the way you do has the same mental wavelength as yours and possesses values that run parallel with yours.

Well at Primerishta.com we solve this problem of yours. By assigning you a personal matchmaker, we ensure dedicated efforts from our end to help you find your companion. At Primerishta.com, your right “Rishta” with your right partner, is our “Prime” concern!