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Block and Report Misuse

  1. What happens when I report misuse on
    When you report misuse on, the customer support team will review the complaint and take appropriate action to resolve the issue. This may include warning or suspending the user, removing their profile, or even involving the authorities in severe cases.
  2. How can I report misuse on
    To report misuse on, contact the customer support team through the website or email at
  3. What are the types of misuse that I can report on
    You can report various types of misuse on, including fake profiles, offensive or abusive behavior, harassment, spamming, and fraudulent activities.
  4. What is block and report misuse?
    Block and report misuse refers to situations where individuals misuse the blocking and reporting features on various online platforms to harass or silence others, instead of using them for their intended purpose of protecting themselves from abusive or inappropriate behavior.